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PLEASE NOTE: This project is dead. The website is kept online for historical reasons.

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These are scientific papers which have influenced Postgres-R in some way or another, very interesting readings.

Database Replication

Don't be lazy, be consistent
The paper that started it all: Don't be lazy, be consistent: Postgres-R, a new way to implement Database Replication, by Bettina Kemme and Gustavo Alonso, September 2000.
Combining Replica Control with Concurrency Control based on Snapshot Isolation — a continuation of the Postgres-R idea, making use of MVCC by Shuqing Wu and Bettina Kemme, April 2005.
Database Replication
Lots of other interesting readings about database replicaiton by Bettina Kemme.
Processing Transactions over Optimistic Atomic Broadcast Protocols
Proposes exploiting the spontaneous ordering and using optimistic delivery to decrease the delay induced by the GCS, by Bettina Kemme, Fernando Pedone, Gustavo Alonso and André Schipper.
Pronto: High availability for standard off-the-shelf databases
An eager, update-everywhere replication middleware, using JDBC, by Fernando Pedone and Svend Frolund, 2008
Middleware-based Database Replication: The Gaps Between Theory and Practice
A good overview and comparison of the current state of theory and practice, by Emmanuel Cecchet, George Candea, Anastasia Ailamaki

Group Communication, Total Ordering and Consensus

Total Order Broadcast and Multicast Algorithms: Taxonomy and Survey
a good overview, classification and theoretical comparison of group communication systems, by Xavier Défago, André Schipper and Péter Urbán, April 2004
Comparative Performance Analysis of Ordering Strategies in Atomic Broadcast Algorithms
Theoretical analysis of various algorithms for atomic broadcast used for total ordered delivery of messages, by Xavier Défago, André Schiper and Péter Urbán, December 2003
PLATO: Predictive Latency-Aware Total Ordering
An interesting approach to implement low-latency reliable multicasting in datacenters, based on observing arrival times, by Mahesh Balakrishnan, Ken Birman and Amar Phanishayee, October 2006
Ricochet: Lateral Error Correction for Time-Critical Multicast
Ricochet uses IP multicast and lateral error correction to implement reliable multicasting for clustered applications, by Mahesh Balakrishnan, Ken Birman, Amar Phanishayee and Stefan Pleisch, April 2007.

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