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PLEASE NOTE: This project is dead. The website is kept online for historical reasons.

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Please note that this is experimental software, primarily released for review by developers familiar with Postgres.

Source Code

The source code of Postgres-R is available in two different formats: either as a snapshot patch against the source of Postgres as available via CVS for the specified date or alternatively via git repositories. Please see the installation instructions for more details on how to install and test Postgres-R.

git repositories

To ease review and increase understandability of the code, the Postgres-R project has been split into multiple sub-projects or modules. Especially where outside use might be feasible. These modules provided in separate git repositories and have a certain inter-dependency. The following list describes the modules in the order of their dependencies.

dtests   Glue code and Makefiles to use dtester for Postgres, mainly used to automate testing of Postgres-R. More detais in the README of the project. postgres-dtests/master
dynshmem   Allows dynamic allocation of chunks from shared memory, using a lock-based, but multi-process optimized allocator. Not really dependent on dtests, but the branch contains it.
A post to the Postrges hackers mailing list has more details.
imessages   A (Postgres-) internal message passing infrastructure, using solely shared memory and signals. Obviously depends on the dynshmem module.
Again, more details from the archive of the mailing list.
bgworker   A general purpose background worker infrastructure component, split further into 6 separate patches (and git branches). Depends on the imessages module.
And here the pointers to the corresponding posts to the hackers mailing list: overview, step1 - permanent process, step2 - job cache, step3 - sockets, step4 - renaming, step5 - splitting, step6 - ooo messages,
Postgres-R   The complete Postgres-R source as a git repository, including all of the above modules. No manual patching required. Documentation is available on this website as well as in the source. Postgres-R/master

Snapshot patches

snapshot 2010-08-29   123 KiB   postgres-r-20100829.diff.bz2
snapshot 2010-07-14   121 KiB   postgres-r-20100714.diff.bz2
snapshot 2010-07-03   119 KiB   postgres-r-20100703.diff.bz2

Postgres-R LiveCD

To test the abilities of Postgres-R, we have provided a LiveCD. However, that one is several years old now and hasn't been updated. Sorry. It's kept here for historical reasons.

snapshot 2006-07-04  57 MiBpgsql-r_livecd_S20060704.iso

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