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Posted on: 2010-07-05
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Oxford has been the place to be for everybody interested in clustering, high availability and replication. At least between July 2-3, where the CHAR(10) conference took place. A very intense gathering with lots of very interesting talks and inspiring discussions.

I personally found the talk of Ricardo Jimenez-Peris especially interesting. He is one of the researchers around the original Postgres-R algorithm and is still working with Bettina Kemme. He presented Middle-R and was available for interesting and in-depth discussions in between the tracks.

We also learned how to juggle petabytes, as Greenplum does. At least that's what Gavin Sherry tried to teach us in his exceptional talk. It's amazing to hear what's possible on the basis of Postgres. It certainly was a very interesting look behind the stages of Greenplum.

I gave a talk about using MVCC for clustered databases (see slides), in which I presented the results of a simple comparison between some multi-master replication systems. My focus has been on bandwidth and latency between the origin of a transaction and the node(s) applying it.

The city of Oxford turned out to be the great place for this conference. The extraordinary ambiance made me feel a bit like Harry Potter. The old buildings sort of represented the stability and high availability we've been talking about.

Thanks to 2nd Quadrant for organizing such a great conference (and doing that perfectly). I'm certainly looking forward to CHAR(11).

Markus Wanner

P.S.: most slides from talks at CHAR(10) are available for download or should be shortly.

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